Engagement with entrepreneurship

Inspire Student Entrepreneurs

Faculty members leading courses in entrepreneurship at the McCombs School of Business welcome the opportunity to incorporate guest speakers into their lectures. Speaking in an entrepreneurship course, at either the graduate or undergraduate level, provides an opportunity for groups of interdisciplinary students to better understand the practical application of the topics being taught in class.

Course Examples

Learn a little about the types of entrepreneurship courses with guest speaker components that are offered at The University of Texas at Austin. From introductory lecture-based courses to practicums with specific verticals, there's a course that fits you.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MAN 327):
Explores the theoretical foundations and research evidence underlying innovation and entrepreneurship. Subjects include discovering and creating new sources of value, recognizing and evaluating opportunities, generating business models, engaging stakeholders, shaping markets, and competing against larger competitors and entrenched institutions.

New Venture Mechanics (MAN 327E):
Starting up a new venture involves a wide range of decisions, activities, and processes such as those involved in identifying the potential of an idea, developing and protecting an idea, building a new venture team, creating a business plan, obtaining resources, and establishing a business entity. Covers the basic analytical tools and processes involved in all these aspects of founding a new business.

Entrepreneurship Practicum (MAN 347P):
Application of entrepreneurship skills and focus on additional project management skills through individual or group assignments conducted in an entrepreneurial setting, focusing on new business development either within existing companies (corporate entrepreneurship) or as stand-alone ventures (entrepreneurship).

Previous verticals include: Consumer Products, Blockchain Technologies, Financial Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things

New Venture Creation (MAN 385.22):
Creating a new venture is a challenging task, one that requires specific domain knowledge as well as general business and entrepreneurial skills. This course utilizes the knowledge and skills gained from both the core MBA and entrepreneurship courses; it provides hands-on experience in the creation and development of a growth-oriented new venture. Students in teams take a multi-disciplinary approach to the preparation and presentation of a professional business plan. In the process, the course focuses on developing skills conducive to venture success including team building, organizing, planning, integrating, and persuading. In addition, students will analyze award winning plans from the MOOT CORP® Competition. Also, selected experts will provide advice and insight on creating, funding and launching a successful venture.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship (MAN 385.23):
This course is for anyone interested in starting a business, working with an entrepreneurial company, or using entrepreneurial ideas to manage opportunity and risk in a larger company. To be effective, entrepreneurial managers need to have an in-depth understanding of the ongoing challenges in key functional areas such as marketing, finance, MIS, R&D, and operations. Consequently, this course builds on and makes use of the knowledge developed in core classes. Entrepreneurial managers, however, cannot be superficial dabblers who know a little bit about everything but not much about anything. Instead, entrepreneurial management involves a distinct set of skills, perspectives, and insights about the business problems and opportunities confronting the total enterprise. The course invites students to consider how entrepreneurial initiative can make a difference to business and society.