Meet FAF's


Meet the Forty Acres Founders Alumni

Each 20-strong Cohort of the Forty Acres Founders Pre-Accelerator Program, spends a semester rigorously establishing if a market need existed for their product or service. Some continue their projects with FAF-gained tools and funding, while others are use their entrepreneurial skillsets to develop new ideas.

Our founders have represented colleges across the university, including the McCombs School of Business, Moody College of Communication, Cockrell School of Engineering, and the College of Liberal Arts.


Meet the Founders

Jonathan Aguirre headshot

Jonathan Aguirre

Startup concept: Quantum Frontier aims to close a gap in quantum technologies and knowledge by providing

Diego Balderas Allison

Diego Balderas Allison

Startup concept: Re:sole is a modular footwear system that allows runners to repair as they wear and consume footwear more sustainably.

Tejal Bhika

Tejal Bhika

Startup concept: Musée Beauty is a beauty brand created for the on-the-go person that wants quick-application quality makeup for creative daily wear.

Sebastian Brau headshot

Sebastian Brau

Startup concept: The Collector is an autonomous golf ball picker vehicle that simplifies operations and reduces cost for golf courses.

Antonio Cardoso De Almeida

Antonio Cardoso De Almedia

Startup concept: is AI software that enables intersection infrastructure to become a node of visibility and communication.

Takshil Chittuluru

Takshil Chittuluru

Startup concept: A service that streamlines the pet search process for prospective dog owners.

Not pictured: Trevor Brown, Brianda Fernandez (2021 Bank of America Scholar), Evan Fisher, Daniel Munoz, Tanay Rishi, and Aradhana Sridaran