Meet FAF's


Meet the Forty Acres Founders Alumni

Each 20-strong Cohort of the Forty Acres Founders Pre-Accelerator Program, spends a semester rigorously establishing if a market need existed for their product or service. Some continue their projects with FAF-gained tools and funding, while others are use their entrepreneurial skillsets to develop new ideas.

Our founders have represented colleges across the university, including the McCombs School of Business, Moody College of Communication, Cockrell School of Engineering, and the College of Liberal Arts.


Meet the Founders

Startup concept: Quantum Frontier aims to close a gap in quantum technologies and knowledge by providing

Tejal Bhika

Startup concept: Musée Beauty is a beauty brand created for the on-the-go person that wants quick-application quality makeup for creative daily wear.

2020 Forty Acres Founders Pitch Competition Finalist

Startup concept: The Collector is an autonomous golf ball picker vehicle that simplifies operations and reduces cost for golf courses.

2020 Forty Acres Founders Pitch Competition Finalist

Startup concept: CajetitaMX aims to provide consumers with an alternative to the traditional confectionary spread ‘cajeta’ and introduce it into the vegan industry.

Amaya French headshot

Amaya French

Startup concept: Germ-X disinfects our hands, but it's not intended to disinfect our products. Amaya's startup addresses sterilization of products quickly and with ease.

Startup concept: The Atlas Organisation is a platform that encourages interdisciplinary collaboration within the space industry.

Startup concept: An easy-to-use, time-effective, and blockchain-based recruiting platform that allowing users to effectively leverage previous experiences, skills, and references.

2020 Forty Acres Founders Pitch Competition Winner

Startup concept: boxEDu is an edtech startup focused on increasing accessibility, affordability, and quality of standardized test prep.

Murtaza Neemuchwala headshot

Murtaza Neemuchwala

Startup concept: Park Scout is a platform for parking merchants that creates a new market for private parking spaces and allows users to rent them out.

Kim Nwareni headshot

Kim Nwareni

Startup concept: App development is extremely expensive and less than 1% of venture capital-backed founders are black. Thus, Kim's aim is to create a startup that support's minority-created tech.

Jesus Ortiz headshot

Jesus Ortiz Palencia

Startup concept: A mechanical pencil that supports three different lead diameters, for artists looking for travel-friendly tools.

Startup concept: A medical device with which hospital patients can learn how to better take care of themselves after they are discharged to lower the rates of readmission.

Startup concept: An on-demand service that will move any large item to a specific location of your choosing without having to hire a moving company or renting a truck.

2020 Forty Acres Founders Pitch Competition Finalist

Startup concept: Vrify Health believes in providing everyone a safe and affordable way to get the most effective mental health care.

Startup concept: Prolitfic is a literary platform for writers to improve, find community, and get discovered by readers and publishers.

Not pictured: Trevor Brown, Mateo Delaguila (2022 Bank of America Scholar), Neha Donthineni, Brianda Fernandez (2021 Bank of America Scholar), Lance Ellis, Evan Fisher, Ahmed Hashmi, Boram Lee (2023 Thomas Mathi Forty Acres Founders Scholar), Daniel Munoz, Destiny Rawls, Tanay Rishi, Aradhana Sridaran, and Cheyenne Valdez.