Brad Gold

Bradley Gold is an active entrepreneur, a practicing attorney, and a faculty member at McCombs. Bradley works with new entrepreneurs running small businesses in Austin alongside large organizations such as Thomson Reuters and General Electric, and international businesses based in Africa, Europe, and South America. Bradley is a previous winner of the IL Small Family Business of the Year Award, a 2018 Austin Young Chamber of Commerce Changemaker finalist, and author of nationally-taught CPA courses and a Top 10 legal article at Texas Bar Today.

As an entrepreneur, Bradley is the Data Protection Officer and General Counsel for Abraxas Technology, an award-winning Austin startup bringing digital analytics to analog outdoor advertising. Bradley is Co-Founder of MiraLend, a student run P2P borrowing marketplace that has been through the DivInc and Austin Tech Incubator SEAL Programs. Bradley is also co-Founder of I’m Here Today, a classroom technology startup providing tools to large lecture classrooms.

As a practicing attorney, Bradley counsels startups through entity formation, fundraising, drafting contracts, creating supply chains, engaging in compliance, establishing Boards and corporate governance procedures, and creating corporate policy. Bradley’s law firm is the largest virtual law firm outside of California, and he has pioneered the use of the concierge general counsel model for startups across Texas.

Brad is also an international expert in data privacy. He is a member of the Standards Council of Canada, CAC-GDPR, and an official delegate to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) via ISO/PC 317/WG 1. In these NGO roles, Brad speaks on behalf of and alongside the Canadian delegation, as well as the University of Texas and his clients, with the purpose of seeking collaboration and consensus to create an international standard in data privacy with countries such as the USA, China, Japan, UK, S Korea, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, and Germany. Brad also shares responsibility with selected group members for outbound communication and drafting activities.

As a faculty member at McCombs, Bradley teaches business law, business ethics, commercial transactions, and public speaking. He is a faculty member in the Business Foundations Program and Masters Accounting Program. He has been recognized for creating an inclusive and welcoming classroom, and has helped many students find jobs and internships in the Austin startup ecosystem (or “tapestry” depending upon who you ask).

When he’s not working with his wide-ranging list of students and clients, he is enjoying being a new Dad and running around Ladybird Lake with his wife and dog Laika, named after the world’s first official astronaut.