Internet of Things (IoT) Practicum
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The course requires students to work in teams on projects with early-to-growth stage startups, focused on helping the startups accelerate their company, as well as attend weekly class sessions.

Through their hands-on work with the startups as well as class discussions, lectures, guest speakers, and assignments, students develop a rich understanding of what it takes to grow a new venture, including developing a strategy and business model, conducting market validation, refining the value proposition, creating a marketing strategy, and developing a funding model.

At the start of the semester, teams will work with their respective startups to identify the scope of their project, a project timeline, and deliverables. During the semester, students will contextualize their experience through in-class lectures and discussions, track progress through reports and interim presentations, and will be provided mentoring and guidance on their work with the startups.

Toward the end of the semester, teams will share their projects in a Demo Day presentation. The course is open to all undergraduate students at The University of Texas at Austin.

Course Information:

Practicum activities typically require around 3-4 hours per week in an unpaid assignment at a partner startup company and are based on a schedule set by the students and client startup. This course satisfies Requirement 5 of the Entrepreneurship Minor