John Price

Mr. John Price serves as the Chief Executive Officer of, Inc. and drives business development and partnerships for, along with overseeing the marketing and sales departments. Mr. Price served as the President of, Inc. Mr. Price was a Partner at Capital Factory. Mr. Price served as a Vice President of Sales and Business Development of BetweenMarkets, Inc. Mr. Price was responsible for growing BetweenMarkets internally as well as implementing innovative business development initiatives across the globe and was also responsible for the development of the indirect channel and mergers and acquisitions activity. He served as an Executive Vice President of Marketing and Vice President of Marketing at Trilogy Software, Inc. He guided strategy and market positioning throughout Trilogy Software, Inc.’s first 12 years. He helped drive Trilogy and pcOrder to great heights in the 90’s.

Before joining Trilogy Software, Inc., Mr. Price oversaw commercialization of Shell Research’s advanced technologies, and helped establish Neuron Data as the leading provider of expert system and object-oriented technologies within Global 1000 companies. He serves as a Director of Sparefoot from 2009 and, Inc. He served as a Director of technical marketing at Neuron Data and an AI associate at Shell Oil. His career spans three decades of high tech startups. Mr. Price is one of the software industry’s leading visionary sales, marketing and business development executives. He has over 20 years experience shaping his vision. He drives growth through his vision and leadership in all aspects of internet and enterprise business. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.