Laura Baldwin

Laura’s experience is in finance and investment banking, but she’s very passionate about supporting women owned businesses and female entrepreneurs. Laura is on the investment team of Texas Women Ventures(TMV) and is an investor herself. She the co-chair of Open Office Hours for the Texas chapter of Golden Seeds. TWV’s mission is to invest in and promote investment in women-led and women-owned companies, provide attractive returns to investors, and support the development of successful women entrepreneurs and investors. Golden Seeds is an early-stage investment firm with a focus on women leaders.

Laura Baldwin currently serves as President of Waco Bend Asset Management Ltd., where she is responsible for managing her family’s investment portfolio. Her prior professional experience includes various roles at Triad Hospitals, Inc.(most recently as Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations), equity research, and investment banking. She received her B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin, graduating Phi Beta Kappa, and her M.B.A. from Southern Methodist University. Laura is also a community volunteer and philanthropist, currently serving on the boards of the Dallas Institute of Humanities and Culture and Reading and Radio Resource. She is a partner with Dallas Social Venture Partners and is a member of the Junior League of Dallas. Additional community activities include the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center, March of Dimes, the Family Place, the Child Abuse Prevention Center, and the Dallas Women’s Foundation.