Quoc V. Tran, CFO, MBA

Quoc is an entrepreneur and loves helping founders start and grow businesses.

He is the CFO for FarBridge, Inc. where he manages the financial health and growth for a team dedicated to making games and immersive experiences.

Previously, Quoc was an Advisor and VP of Operations to SURVIVR, which aimed to make communities safer through immersive and responsive law enforcement training. SURVIVR was adopted by police agencies, universities, and private firms across 10 states – as well as the U.S. Air Force and Department of Homeland Security. In August 2021, SURVIVR was acquired by InVeris Training Solutions.

Before that, Quoc was CTO or technical director for a variety of startups and worked on computer-vision based shopping assistants, software for medical devices that could remove tumors in outpatient surgery, and a no-code platform that reached 3 million app developers. 

You can connect with Quoc on LinkedIn here.